Biden could not be satisfied with winning

The two candidates faced off on Tuesday in the first of three straight debates. The next two debates are on the 15th and 22nd of this month. After the first debate, 60% of respondents to CNN’s immediate poll said Biden did well. 26% voted for Trump. Before the debate, they were 56% in favor of Biden and 43% in favor of Trump.

No one expected such a debate. Some people think that President Trump will pour kerosene on himself and set himself on fire. The first election debate with Democratic rival Joe Biden in Cleveland, USA, last Tuesday was so chaotic and chaotic because of his reckless behavior that some have described it as “an act of deep shame for America.” Some quarters have also demanded the cancellation of the remaining debates.

From the first moment of the debate, Trump has repeatedly snatched his opponents in order to establish his control. Controversial host Fox News presenter Chris Wallace could not stop him from urging him to abide by the rules of the debate. ‘Mr. President, you are obstructing, you are not following the rules, ‘he said, but it did not work. At one point, Biden raised his voice and said, “Will you shut up?” He also called Trump a “clown.”

The purpose of the debate was to get a record of their successes and failures from both candidates and to get a clear idea of ​​what they would do to solve major national problems if elected president. But no meaningful answer was found to any of the questions. Almost the entire time, Trump walked the stage like a mad elephant. As a result, Joe Biden won the debate effortlessly without doing much

The most memorable and reprehensible moment of this evening was at the very end of the debate. Chris Wallace called on President Trump to condemn the white supremacist groups associated with the racist riots. In response to his question, Trump responded by saying, “I will condemn, but I don’t see the right, most of the violence is in the hands of the left.” When Biden called the armed militia group Proud Boys, known as the Fascists, Trump’s response, “I would tell them to ‘move away’ and” wait. “

The President of the United States would instruct any fascist group to wait for such an open and timely attack, which was a completely unexpected event. As soon as they heard Trump’s instructions, Proud Boys wrote the slogan ‘Stand Up and Wait’ and spread it on social media. Joe Biggs, known as the group’s leader, told Sollas that Trump’s remarks were “an indication of their readiness to hit the other side.” An instant video on the group’s website announced, “Yes sir, we are ready.”

The second reprehensible moment was Trump’s refusal to accept the election results. Raising old and unproven allegations of electoral irregularities, he advised his supporters to keep a close eye on voting. “There will be unforeseen fraud,” he warned, adding that the outcome of the election would be decided by the Supreme Court. Joe Biden, on the other hand, looked directly at the audience and encouraged everyone to vote. He complained that Trump was always trying to increase divisions. “Instead of telling everyone to calm down, he wants to add more oil to the fire.”

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