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Titas River

Title: Titas River

Advaita Malla Burman had written a novel called “Titas ekti nodir naam” (Titas is the name of a river) where he had once written about the fullness of this river and the strength of its tide but in currents times the river is not the same anymore. Both its coastlines have been encroached for some time now. The number of fish in the river has decreased. We take the time to release a certain Mama fish from our nets. But there are many others who don’t. They sell it off in the marketplace with their catch. At one time Titas was called “Meghna Konna” (Meghna’s daughter) but its grandeur is now a thing of the past. The river has narrowed down since and unlawful fishing had resulted in severe shortages of fish. Additionally, farmlands that rely on these waters for irrigation are also affected. Once, ships would travel on these waters. Now in dry seasons, even small boats find it difficult to cross over. Now the problem is that there isn’t enough water and is difficult to use the boat. Not enough fish either. The water was around 50-60 hands deep once over across the port and big ships were common. We witnessed those days but now, we find waist deep waters. How will there be fish in these waters anyway? Local residents have urged the government to take serious action to revive this river. Their claim is that the government will take effective measures to save this river. This river is bring reduced to a char and we have two ministers here…Ministers of Fish. It is our earnest plea that the government will dredge this river. Once Titas is dredged, the number of fish will increase and so will irrigation. Local residents have urged government to actualize this recovery with haste. Story prepared by P K Acharya, DrikNEWS Correspondent, Brahmanbaria, January 2014.

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