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Jamdani saree in Faridpur

Author:Reshma Khanum | Category: Livelihood

Title: Jamdani Saree in Faridpur

The Jamdani saree is an expensive hand loom woven fabric made of cotton. These finely embroidered sarees are worth around $100 a piece and were produced mostly in districts surrounding Dhaka, the capital city. Surprisingly, the weaving of Jamdani sarees had started in Faridpur three years ago. We meet these radically new Jamdani weavers and discover how desperately they need electrical supply, especially for drying purposes. Their plea to the government is to provide them with electrical supply so that they can continue to produce high quality Jamdani sarees and thereby make a living. Story prepared by Reshma, DrikNEWS Correspondent, Faridpur, November 2012.

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