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Modern Sadar Hospital, Netrokona

Title: Modern Sadar Hospital, Netrokona

The new building for Modern Sadar Hospital, Netrokona is under construction since 11 years. Nearly 1000 patients in both indoor and outdoor visit Modern Sadar Hospital for treatment everyday. The new building was said to prepare for more developed treatment and 100 beds whereas there are only 50 beds in old building now. The promise of building the new structure for hospital in 18 months did not complete even in 11 years, pushing patients in trouble. Patients who do not get sit in bed get ‘admitted’ in floor! The hospital authority sends a report of new building to concerned government high officials, but do not get any feedback in return. Local people of Comilla hope for this new hospital building to be inaugurated soon for better and developed medical service. Story prepared by Pappu Mojumder, DrikNEWS Correspondent, Netrakona, January 2015.

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