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Arsenic contaminated area of Chapainawabganj

Title: Arsenic contaminated area of Chapainawabganj

Arsenic affected water was found for the first time in Bangladesh in 1993 at Baroghoria union of Chapainawabganj. Presence of arsenic in tubewells has gradually increased since then in and around Ranihati, Ramchandrapur, Bahram etc. Arsenic has spread like a social disease in these areas. The disease even caused deaths to many. The green-signed tubewell is far away from village, so villagers are depending on arsenic affected red-signed tubewells. According to Health department authority, death by arsenic affect is 1134, whereas the actual number is more than double! Public health of Chapainawabganj is in danger. The authority seems to be indifferent about the matter. Story prepared by Zohurul Islam, DrikNEWS Correspondent, Chapainawabganj, August 201.

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