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Boiragipara flute village at Comilla

Title: Boiragipara flute village at Comilla

The flute makers of Boiragipara, Comilla are busy in their occupation throughout the year. Eight kinds of flutes are being produced here. These flutes are distributed throughout the country, and even exported to foreign countries. The demand of flutes is highest during Eid and Pohela Boishakh. In spite of huge demand, the flute makers cannot meet profit because of low capital. The bamboo is brought from hill tracts of Chittagong to make flutes. Increased price of bamboo and transportation are leading these flute makers towards loss. Most of the flute makers inherited this occupation from their ancestors, thus do not want to shift to any other business. Many of the flute makers lend money from local NGOs with high interest for this business. But only less income is left after paying the debts. Story prepared by Dil Rubayat Showruby, DrikNEWS Correspondent, Comilla, August 2014.

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