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Ethnic communities of Gaibandha

Title: Ethnic communities of Gaibandha

Ethnic communities of Gaibandha According to the census of 1991, there were nearly 6,000 ethnic families, including Santal and Orao, living in the southern part of Bangladesh. At present, there are 250 Orao families, 5500 Santals and 230 Buno families living in Gobindaganj and Saidullahpur upazilas of Gaibandha. The ethnic communities of Gaibandha, after facing hurdles for decades, have now stood up against adversities and leading their lives following their own culture and traditions. Though most of the Shantal families have converted to Christianity, a few are still following their ancient Hindu religion. Christianity has helped them to lead a modern and educated life, said one of the converted Santals. Children of the families now go to schools. Many of them are now appointed in government and private organisations after higher studies. Story prepared by Quddus Alam, DrikNEWS Correspondent, Gaibandha, December 2014.

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