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Jakir wins over disability

Title: Jakir wins over disability

Physical disability could not stop Jakir Hossain of Jamirbari village of Bogra. He is disabled since birth but he never considered it as a drawback of his life. He always dreamt of serving people and to do so he did training on paramedical course after he finished his School Secondary Certificate (SSC) examination. He is the village paramedic of Jamirbari since last 16 years. Villagers like him as a good paramedic and human being. During leisure period, Jakir Hossain spends time with friends and plays football. Story prepared by Mst. Rebeka Akter, DrikNEWS Correspondent, Bogra, December 2014.

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Mst. Rebeka Akter
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2014-12-29 00:00:00
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