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Bridge built by community action at Gaibandha

Title: Bridge built by community action at Gaibandha

The 170ft long Bheramara railway bridge is situated one and half kilometre away from Gaibandha rail station, built in 1908. The incomplete and old bridge was a reason of fear for nearly ten thousand people of Gaibandha who had to cross it everyday to go to Gaibandha town. Since last few decades many people have been injured even died while crossing the risky bridge. To avoid the bridge these people would travel 7kms extra daily to reach their destination. After going to authorities several times but failed; a group of local youths Abdul Latif, Saidur Rahman, Farid Ahmed and Ershad planned together to make a bridge at the west corner of the Bheramara railway bridge. These four boys, with the help of local villagers made the bridge using bamboo in just ten days. The route from village to Gaibandha town is no more a risky way. People, along with light weighed vehicles now cross through this bridge. Story prepared by Quddus Alam, DrikNEWS Correspondent, Gaibandha, November 2014.

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