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The Childhood of Another Kind

Title:The Childhood of Another Kind

There is a place the fear must go.

There is a place the choice must go.

There is place the loss must go

The leftover love.

- Alice Walker, Discredited View.

The state, the society, the religion decides what family is and when children are living outside the bondage of family umbrella the society pity them, they become underling and assume to have no future.

Yet children growing up in orphanage are no less than the privileged ones. They laugh, they live, they too have dreams; may be their dreams are not as the aspiring as the one in the social views but they are dreams no less. Life in orphanage is perhaps healthier then many that the today’s global culture is offering.

It matters little to these children what the world is conceiving about them while they are growing up in a religious orphanage, they are not part of any propagandas; they are victims of pure cants. For the time being they are just children like any other… full of life.

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