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Puffed rice for life, Gaibandha

Title: Puffed rice for life, Gaibandha

The little village in Ramchandrapur union, Gaibandha, has earned the title ‘The village of puffed rice.’ as about 150 Hindu and Muslim families here have been producing puffed rice for a living for the last 35 years or so.  “Profits are low”, says Greta Rani, “business is good in the monsoon as the rice does not dry up quickly”.  Even though the puff rice produced this way is unique, competition from other factories is stiff. Rising costs of raw materials have made it difficult for these families to make a profit to live on and meet all their needs.  They desperately need to be subsidized in order to continue their business for generations to come.  

Story prepared by Quddus Alam, Drik News, Gaibandha, February 2012.

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